About Lucy

Hello, I’m Lucy, thank you for finding your way here. Just a bit of information if you want to find out more about me. I’ve found the love of my life, and just waiting patiently to marry him. I have another love also, who may actually rank more highly than my man on some days. Her name is Bailey, or Bae, or Chookie, depending on the day. She would easily be one of the most photographed puppies ever (as I am writing this she is 8 months old, and already has her own album!). I am a down to earth person, who can also be as silly as kids can be. Life isn’t complete without a nice cup of tea, rugged up in bed on a cold winters day. Lastly but not at all least. I love meeting new people, and seeing the joy that the love of their life, and the family around them brings. It fills my heart with joy. I’d love to know what brings you the most joy about the love of your life, and your wedding, so go say hello, and let me know! xx Lucy Jane